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Enemene_rundeEcken.pngDaily poems for iPhone, iPod touch, Android OS and BlackBerry Playbook. Now available for the Apple Watch.

Transitory Poem Kicks

A poem a day while you are on the go, on the train or waiting in line — or any time in between.

Just start the app and the daily poem, ballad or sonnet is there. There is no need to search or browse categories. It starts with three poems. Then each day at 0:00 CET, a new poem is available and the oldest one disappears. The poems are not saved on your device. You cannot miss any poems because we do not add up the time between each poem.

Verses, lines and breaks are poem features. To preserve this word-and-line composition even on narrow displays, we developed a completely new line-breaking method. If a poem line does not fit the display's width, the remainder of the line will be placed in the next line aligned to the right within the text space of the complete poem. When you rotate your device, the poem is scaled up using the new width of the display.


How It was made

When we started thinking about poem reading on mobile devices, the question was how to handle the continuously increasing number of poems. There were two basic requirements: 1) The poems should be in the foreground and should be able to take the whole screen; and 2) changes to the poem collection should be possible without having to download updates. So we chose a server-client architecture with a MySQL database as server and home for the poems and authors, and a PHP-based service that provides poem updates to the smartphones (clients). The client-side app displays the poems plain and simple in the HTML format. In addition to displaying the poems, the app provides navigation between the three resident poems as well as the info page and allows users to share the poems by email.

The poem server has a web application backend for the editorial work of adding authors and poems and setting the poems' formatting options. Upon request the poem server delivers ready formatted poems in HTML to the clients. Thus, the dynamic server-client method is beneficial for the readers as well as for maintaining the poem collection.

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Ene Mene for Android

If you chose an Android-based phone as your companion, Ene Mene poems are available to you as well.

Ene Mene runs as smoothly on Android-based phones starting with version 1.6 as on the iPhone etc.

The software architecture was kept intact, requiring only small changes on the server side to support this new device type. It was essential for us to preserve the reading experience of the app but at the same time use Android specifics and standards. This is why we replaced the page curling animation when browsing through the poems (common on the iPhone) with a fading transition. Sending on Android OS always means sharing via Twitter, Facebook or email. Because Android OS supports different makes, the poem pages are scaled to various screen sizes; it is readable even on small screens.

Ene Mene for BlackBerry Playbook

Since March 6, 2012

Nice Size, Nice Poems. The screen of the BlackBerry Playbook is ideal for viewing and reading poems on the go. So we made Ene Mene available for the Playbook.

About poetry

March 21 was named World Poetry Day by UNESCO in 1999. Activities in Germany are hosted by Berlin-based Lyrikwerkstatt. They also maintain the site Lyrikline, which provides contemporary poetry for reading and listening and hosts the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

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Numerical Ene Mene

As of July 14, 2014

Our poem collection contains 503 poems from 178 authors.

Current downloads using iPhone or iPod Touch add up to 8553, of which 4822 are active readers, meaning they started Ene Mene more than once. Downloads on Android devices add up to 4346 with 2229 active poem readers. When it comes to the BlackBerry Playbook, we counted 475 downloads up to now. That is a total of 19222 Ene Mene downloads – Thank you!

Since Mai 2013 Heinz-Dieter Klotz chips in poems out of his private poem collection. We are very glad for this super kind contribution. Thanks!


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Some Ene Mene Authors

Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach – Theodor Baargeld – Lewis Caroll – Annette von Droste-Hülshoff – Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff – Theodor Fontane – Goethe– Karoline von Günderrode – Heinrich Heine – Peter Hille – Maria Janitschek – Gottfried Keller – Friederike Kempner – Klabund – Detlev von Liliencron – Eduard Mörike – Christian Morgenstern – Betty Paoli – Rainer Maria Rilke – Ringelnatz – Schiller – Carl Spitzweg – Theodor Storm – August Stramm – Georg Trakl – Kurt Tucholsky – Walther von der Vogelweide – Maria Luise Weissmann – Marianne von Willemer – and more.