We design and develop applications for mobile devices. Our speciality is carrying out complex tasks where multifaceted technical expertise and integration within existing IT processes are paramount.

You can see samples of our work here

Clemens Grossmann Strategic Planning, Partner

Clemens Grossmann is responsible for the general business and technical strategy of TouchingCode. His background uniquely prepares him to lead TouchingCode's efforts toward technological solutions that focus on users. He is intrigued by the new generation of handheld devices and very excited to create software for them.

Before joining TouchingCode, he was CEO and co-founder of the successful start-up dots software. He established a global distribution for dots with more than 35 countries. Prior positions include head of software development. Clemens has created software solutions for desktop computers and printers. He holds a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin.

Simone Belfi QA and Product Design, Partner

She oversees the design, creation and improvement of all products and projects of TouchingCode. Simone directs the development with a special focus on delivering an exceptional user experience, continuous innovation and making use of the unique features that smartphones offer. br
She also takes responsibility for the localization and quality assurance processes. Before co-founding TouchingCode, Simone was responsible for the product design at dots software and the adaptation of the products for a variety of markets, including Japan. She also held positions as Quality Assurance Manager with SOFHA and Berthold. Simone holds a degree (Dipl. Ing.) in printing technologies from the University of Arts (HdK) Berlin.

Detlef Rupp Software Architect, Partner

Detlef Rupp leads the development of the client server architecture that most smartphone applications require. As a veteran in programming, he masters all operating systems and major programming languages. "Ruppi" is a proud owner of a NeXT cube and loves the Apple iPhone.
Before starting TouchingCode, he co-founded dots software with Clemens Grossmann after they were colleagues at SOFHA. He developed software solutions for desktop PCs and the first Linux-based PostScript controller. He studied computer science at the TFH Berlin.