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The canoe tripping app

With the app canua you can plan, track and share your canoe trips. The app provides information for 2500+ European waters and you can search for canoe areas. The interactive map illustrates canoe routes, access points, weirs, bridges, regulations and more. In addition, canua provides information about the character of the water like gradients, difficulties, obstacles and much more. The information currently provided in canua is in German language.

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  • The information that the Canua app provides in a clearly laid out map is indispensable when travelling on a river in any vehicle.

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    The TouchingCode, based in Berlin specializes in the development of applications for mobile devices as well as web-development.
    More than 30 apps for various systems
    — from iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and tablets to Smart Watches and Smart TV —
    have since been successfully completed.

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    TouchingCode GmbH

    Experts for mobile Apps

    TouchingCode develops software for smartphones and tablets.

    We offer individual app development for mobile devices and can draw on a broad, balanced and well-founded spectrum of entrepreneurial experience in software development. The founders, Simone Belfi, Clemens Grossmannn and Detlef Rupp, each have more than 20 years of experience in commercial software development.

    Location-specific solutions

    We offer app software development with all project phases. We focus on solutions that require maps, GPS or beacon integration - such as city guides, audio guides or indoor guides. We offer server-client architectures, agile methodologies and internationalization / localization.


    Many of our apps are based on our content management system for mobile devices, Apmato. Apmato enables fast, flexible and future-proof app development. We mainly create native mobile applications, which can be easily modified and extended by our customers after publication.

    Customer first

    We offer our customers speed, efficiency and security in app development. Behind every app we develop for our customers are sophisticated technologies, methods and formats. The tools are agreed with our customers depending on the project.



    Independent web projects

    Based on state of the art modern content management systems, e.g. Wordpress, Typo3, ModX, Drupal etc. We develop your website for you.


    Not only your needs but also your customer base grow with time. We maintain and organize applications on our backend server to ensure the scalability of your application.

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