GPS-based audioguide for harbor cruises in Hamburg.

Rainer Abicht Audioguide

Listen to Hamburg - experience the river Elbe

The Rainer Abicht mobile app is a multimedia, multilingual and GPS-based audio guide for all harbor cruises of the Rainer Abicht shipping company in Hamburg.

Get into one of the ships of Rainer Abicht, start the app and the audio guide will play automatically whenever you reach a site, an ocean giant ships or a landmark on the banks of the river Elbe and in the amazing harbor of Hamburg.

The app is fully offline, 100% location-based and works independently from other offers on board. You can launch the app at any time during the tour and it will play the audios starting from the current position. At the end of the cruise you can share your experience with your friends.


  • Fully offline GPS-based audio guide app
  • Real zoomable map
  • The map shows the current position and markers of all points with audio.
  • 40+ configurable points
  • App backend - edit coordinates, create audio points, upload media and much more
  • Multilingual - you can apply up to 6 different audios per point.
  • Multimedia content with images, text and video for each point possible.
  • Date-dependent points that only appear at certain times.
  • Sharing
  • Code protection

The harbor of Hamburg is the third largest seaport in Europe. Rainer Abicht Elbreederei events and tours include harbor tours, excursions, family parties or company events in Hamburg.

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  • Rainer Abicht Audioguide
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  • Technology:

    Apmato CMS, map and location technologies, OSM, native mobile app

  • Skills:

    Apmato CMS, Javascript, Java, Objective-C, Android Studio

  • Client: Rainer Abicht
  • Time frame:

    Version 1.0 from March 2020


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